Suffolk County Goes Solar

$125 million dollars will be invested into a solar project in Suffolk County New York. Solar carports will be installed on seven different parking garages in Suffolk County Long Island.

This is in addition to the $300 million dollar, 32 megawatt solar project at Brookhaven National Laboratories which will generate electricity for LIPA. The 164,000 panels at Brookhaven Labs will be made in China, India, Mexico and Poland.  The solar panels for the carports will come from China. We are making good progress by installing solar panels on Long Island, and across the country, although, we need to make more of an investment with solar technology to keep up with the rest of the world. Therefore we can create more jobs, and a cleaner, safer, enviornment.  To read more about these projects read the article in the NY Times and in Newsday.

13,000 Solar Panels!

13,000 Solar Panels! Wow that’s a lot of panels. Where are they putting all those solar panels? The South Brunswick Dow Jones campus, placed like canopies in the parking lot. Literally! Renewable energy is on its’ way now quicker than ever.  It is so great to see a large campus take advantage of the space it has and use it as a way to produce clean energy. I hope to see more campuses follow there lead.

New Jersey is one of the best places for solar. Why? Well one because NJ has some of the highest electricity rates, therefore the rebates are the largest.  They have a special incentive called SRECs, Solar Renewable Energy Credits.  What can you do with these credits? Well,  a home accrues 1 credit for every 1,000 kWh of solar energy produced, and each credit is currently worth around $600. A new solar energy system is eligible to produce SRECs for 15 years.  This  means that an average roof could earn over $75K by selling credits over that time period.

What states are eligible for SRECs?

North Carolina, Maryland, Massachusetts, Washington D.C., Ohio, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey.

In response to the multi million dollar solar project, the two senators  in New Jersey and others who spoke related this clean energy movement as a direct response  to the environmental disaster going on in the Gulf of Mexico. The nation’s thirst for foreign oil really needs to end, and it is really important for everyone to consider our future and where we are going to get our energy from.  Can we really keep getting our energy from oil?  Do we have enough? We already get 60% of our oil from foreign countries. Oil leads to increased prices in goods and services, pollution, and war.


Where do i get energy from?

What is the town of Brookhaven doing to go green?

Green Homes and go Solar energy efficiency programs have emerged. Your town could be next!

The town of Brookhaven will help Brookhaven single family home owners go green. The Federal stimulus funds/ energy efficient community block grants will fund the green homes program. This means they will be paying for the installation of solar PV.  By doing this the up front costs of solar will be eliminated. This is great considering the main barrier between homeowners who want to go green and solar power is the financing.

Now, not all homeowners will be able to take advantage as the program does have some limitations. Some of the restrictions include submitting a $25 application, a home energy audit must have been completed within the last 3 yrs. and if not they must get one and that will cost about $200, the age of your roof cannot be greater than 10yrs old, your roof must be able to sustain PV panels, and you own a single- family home.

The program will run from May 3- June 4, 2010. You must submit your application by mail.

Sorry but, Brookhaven Town employees and relatives are not eligible.  Residents of the town of Brookhaven only!

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