Cake & Shake

I went to Washington Square Park in NYC this weekend.  It was beatiful, people were playing chess games,  piano, guitar, and they were even in bathing suites sunbathing.  I guess that’s what you have to do in NYC because there aren’t really any beaches like on Long Island.  Also, what was really cool was that since it was so hot out, people were using the water fountain as a pool.  I thought that was really cool to watch, and i wanted to go in but i didn’t, next time.  As i was leaving the park i saw this thing that resembled an ice cream truck but it wasn’t it was called Cake & Shake. Cake & Shake is a new neat little invention that i had to share with all of you.  You can get an ice coffee or an ice tea for just $2, a shake for $5 which come in unique cool flavors.  It was so hard for me to make a decision as to what flavor to try because they all looked equally enticing. I ended up making a great decision, the huckleberry which is blueberry and it’s delicious. Cake & Shake offers 20 Cupcake flavors and 8 Shake flavors!  They  feature 5 Cupcakes and 3 Shakes daily which rotate often on our carts.   They first opened in June of this year and they are doing so well that they are going to open up there second location at the MET on September 2, 2010, and at the MET Cart,  they will offer 2 Savory Cake options per day.  You have to check this place out next time your in Washington Square Park or at the MET.  For now take a look at there menu and imagine the how yummy there cupcakes taste and how refreshing their milkshakes are. Did i mention there organic too! It’s awesome. Goodbye ice cream man, hello Cake & Shake !!

Have you been inside The Statue of Liberty?

Who knew that after an hour and a half wait on line to take the ferry from NYC to The Statue of Liberty that we were not actually going to see her? You can go visit her national park which surrounds her but you cannot go up in her. Why not? because in order to do so you need a monument pass which you must register for at least 3 weeks in advance. On top of that, they sold me an audio tour pass which costs $20, instead of the regular pass (non audio) for $12, so that i could listen the history of The Statue of Liberty. Why would they sell me an audio pass without access to the actual tour? The information booth explained that the audio tour tells mini stories which you can follow as you walk around her. Are you serious? Maybe I’m ignorant for not reading the fine print or asking enough questions. But I’m blogging to my  readers today so that you too don’t have to make the same mistake as I do.  I went on a Saturday around 1:00PM, which is a high traffic time, so i wouldn’t suggest going at that time.  It’s worth waking up extra early and going on the first boat out.  Please leave a message about your visit to The Statue of Liberty, especially if you have been inside.  Is it worth it to make a reservation in advance and go inside of The State of Liberty?

Daniweb Networking Event

One of my favorite things to do is network.  What can be better than gathering with a bunch of strangers that all have the same thing in common?  Networking provides opportunity for career development because you have the chance to meet new people that are usually in the same field as you.  If you’re fearful about networking I have some tips for you to prepare because living life in fear is not really living at all.

1) Do your homework. Most of the time the networking event will contain an agenda, which you may find on their website. Read this as a way to prepare.
2) Dress how you want to be treated.
3) Ask questions, people love to talk about themselves.
4) Bring business cards and maybe even a resume.
5) Read the newspaper the day of because current events are a good way to break the ice.
6) Bring gum, mints, and floss.

Well for all you computer geeks out there, your gonna want to continue reading about the event I attended last night.  You would have enjoyed last nights networking event. Last night I went to a networking event hosted by Daniweb. What is Daniweb? It’s a discussion board about computer programming. The event was in NYC and due to the awful rain we had last night, it took us 2 ½ hours from LI to get there. The drive was definitely worth it though. When I got there Dani, the host, gave us the warmest welcome ever, and the night just got better from that moment on.
It was set up like this. There were ten tables with about ten people at each one, and they were all labeled by different topics. Some of the topics included Internet Marketing, Software Programming, and Rich Media. We were late so we just found any three empty seats and sat in them. We also had already missed the appetizer, but we made it in time for dinner, thank goodness because I was starving. We met some really cool people and exchanged ideas, and information. There was a free raffle going on and they were giving away prizes every half hour, that was a good trick to get people to stay longer. The ipad that they were raffling away was something that made me want to stay all night, but I had to leave at eleven because I had work in the morning. Boo.
The event really inspired me. I met some really interesting folks, ate free food, got a free t-shirt courtesy of daniweb, and even I even danced. This was def a legit networking party and I hope Dani throws another one soon.

Earth Day 4/22/2010

Earth Day is on Thursday April 22, 2010 and the celebration for it’s 40th year is in NYC.

Who will be in Time Square?

Toshiba, The Home Depot, MTA, New York Post, Con Edison, Metro, Planet Green, Anvil, and many more. There will also be live entertainment from surprise musicains.

What’s happeneing on April 19th-25th from 10am-8pm in Grand Central Terminal?

The week-long show will show environmentally themed quotes, messages, photographs and graphic images contributed by artists such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, and Rafal Olbinski and many more. Check out last years earth day show.

April 19th -24th there will be a week long exhibit in Vanderbilt Hall, Grand Central Terminal.

April 23-24th Grand Central Terminal there will be a big party of art, music and the environment on Vanderbilt Ave. There will be a huge exhibit area showing green businesses and organic foods.  Environmental groups will have interactive displays that not only educate, but provide an opportunity to take positive action. Also there will be surprise musical entertainment guest.

Do you take Visa?

The question is, who doesn’t take visa? I was in complete shock yesterday when I was riding in a taxi cab in NYC, and saw a credit card machine! Now when the mini T.V.’s where installed in every taxi cab, I thought that was extreme. Credit card machines! What’s next? A vending machine? Video games? I don’t think that taxi cab drivers are too happy about the new machines because this could mean less tip, or even no tip. As a consumer my opinion is that yes it is more convenient since I rarely have cash on me. On the other hand, it’s a taxi cab and it really doesn’t need to have a credit card machine in it. What do you think about this?