Have you been inside The Statue of Liberty?

Who knew that after an hour and a half wait on line to take the ferry from NYC to The Statue of Liberty that we were not actually going to see her? You can go visit her national park which surrounds her but you cannot go up in her. Why not? because in order to do so you need a monument pass which you must register for at least 3 weeks in advance. On top of that, they sold me an audio tour pass which costs $20, instead of the regular pass (non audio) for $12, so that i could listen the history of The Statue of Liberty. Why would they sell me an audio pass without access to the actual tour? The information booth explained that the audio tour tells mini stories which you can follow as you walk around her. Are you serious? Maybe I’m ignorant for not reading the fine print or asking enough questions. But I’m blogging to my  readers today so that you too don’t have to make the same mistake as I do.  I went on a Saturday around 1:00PM, which is a high traffic time, so i wouldn’t suggest going at that time.  It’s worth waking up extra early and going on the first boat out.  Please leave a message about your visit to The Statue of Liberty, especially if you have been inside.  Is it worth it to make a reservation in advance and go inside of The State of Liberty?

Is there such a thing as an on time airline? Go US Airways

Is there such a thing as an on time airline?

According to the U.S. Dept of Transportation, Air Travel Consumer Report, US Airways ranked as the number one airline to be on time in 2008.

There is a track record of the top consumer complaints regarding airlines, which are categorized from flight problems such as cancellation, delays, misconnections, baggage issues, ticketing and boarding, and customer service complaints.

2,081 complaints due to baggage
1,404 complaints due to ticketing and boarding
1,394 complaints due to cancellations
1,333 complaints due to customer service
919 complaints due to delays
557 complaints due to misconnections

The statistics show that not only do I have to worry about delays, but I have to worry about the safety of my baggage.
Has any one ever lost their baggage?