What happens when a Lawyer Walks into a Bar?

I just finished watching A Lawyer Walks into a Bar, a documentary that scared the crap out of me. Seriously, imagine spending $300,000 on law school and then not being able to pass the bar exam.
Like it said in the movie, it’s like paying off your mortgage but not being able to live in your house.  This movie focused on the California bar, which is ranked the hardest bar in the US, with only a 39% passing rate.  I anticipate practicing in New York and I believe the New York bar has a lot better passing rate than that, but I know that doesn’t mean this exam will be any easier. I know I have a long ways away from taking the bar, but this movie was very insightful as to what to expect upon graduation from law school.  My goal right now is to  focus on preparing myself for the LSAT exam. Fun- not! I’m going to try to dedicate a minimum of two hours a day studying for this exam. I don’t get how a logic reasoning test is going to predict how i am going to do in my first year of law school? It didn’t work with the SAT’s. I think you should take a test similar to the bar exam to determine whether or not you’ll do good in law school.  I’m signed up to take the LSAT on Feb. 6th, and that’s only a month away. This is the first big step that I’m taking to get into Harvard Law School. I need to score a 165/180 to even be considered a potential candidate. The game is on.

What’s a girl gotta do to get into Harvard Law School?

I just got back from visiting Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was a chilly afternoon, but not unbearable. The first challenge of the day was finding parking.  The metered parking all around the town was limited and most spots don’t let you park for more than two hours. One class is longer than two hours so where do the students park? The first stop I had to make was to go and see The Harvard Museum of Natural history. It was unbelievable, full of so many different species of animals that I never knew existed.  I would definitely recommend setting aside at least six hours for visiting the museum.  I got to take a self guided tour of the law school.  I saw law class in action. It’s the winter session, so the classes were very small.  They looked like the average college classroom except that each desk had a microphone attached to it.  I thought of the idea to start this blog to document the activities and various tasks I’ll be taking to get into Harvard Law School. I’ve never written a blog before and i figured that this would be the perfect topic for blogging about.  Is it top secret information? Is there only one specific formula? How unique do you have to be? For who knows the answer to what’s a girl got to do to get into Harvard Law School?