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I get my nails done by this guy Kevin and he does amazing work.  I love my nails. I can’t find one imperfection.  The fact that I can say that is huge, being the perfectionist that I tend to be. Anyways, we were chatting while I was getting my nails done, I told him about my website  and he gave me this coupon to give out. He’s located right in the South Shore Mall near Zales. You will love him, I promise. Just print  this coupon, and make sure to come back and tell us about your experience with Kevin. I almost forgot to mention- not only does Kevin do amazing work, his prices can not be beaten. Check it out, Pink and White new set for $50, and with this coupon it’s $45. WOW! Stop overpaying to get your nails done. Come and see Kevin today!

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The Hills vs The City

The Hills and The City were definitely my favorites on television. I can’t believe that they are over. I am so upset. I mean does any one else feel my pain? What can replace this show? Is this how it felt when Beverly Hills 90210 ended?  I feel like I know the people on this show. I think I am going to miss The City more. Which one will you miss more? Why am i going to miss The City more? I think I can identify with The City more because it is a show about work place drama rather than relationship drama.  I am interested in what goes on in the work place because I am at a point in my life where a career is ready to set in. What I want to do with the rest of my life is a question I have been rocking with recently. I am sure that many of you out there can relate to this dilemma.  What also got me excited was Whitney’s final moment in Washington Square park with Stacey is unbelievable. I mean just as her career is about to take off she’s going to make one of the toughest decisions ever.  Decisions decisions! Will she join Alison Brod and leave Kelly? I think that she should stay with Kelly. What do you think she will do?

What’s new at sunglass hut?

914_sunglass_hut_cabazon_imgI was so pleased with the service I received at the Bay Shore mall at Sunglass Hut. The lady showed me a number of different pairs of sunglasses.  I found a pair that I liked but they were too big. She told me that she could have them adjusted to fit my face. I said if they are going to fit me then I am def going to buy them, so how long would I have to wait until they were fixed? She said a few minutes; I can do it right now. I was so shocked, considering this was a tiny little booth in the middle of the mall. You are not going to believe how she adjusted my sunglasses to make them fit my face.  She took a tiny machine and heated my glasses up to curve them to go around my ear. We did it little by little until she got it to fit me just right. She said that if I tend to wear them on my head, which I do, they may bend back. She said if that happens she would be happy to adjust them again, and she said I could go to Lens Crafter and they would fix it for me at no cost. Why would she send me to Lens Crafter? Because Lens Crafter and Sunglass Hut are sister companies. The other cool thing about Sunglass Hut is there return policy. You have up to 90 days to return your sunglasses, and they will give you a full refund.  If you break your sunglasses they will replace them for you at half the price.  That’s what I call great service. And I almost forgot to tell you, if you have AAA then you can save 10%. So what are you waiting for, go get a pair of designer sunglasses and look fabulous this summer.

How much does it cost to get your nails done?

I  was interested in getting nails put on, specifically the UV Gel Permanent French. It’s very expensive compared to the regular powder acrylic nails. I am a the type of girl that likes to get the best deal so I had to call every nail salon in my surrounding area to find the best price. I listed the results so that you can get the best deal too.

UV Gel Nails vs Acrylic Nails?

UV Gel Nails-They put the tip on and they take gel and paint it on your nails, and it strengthens, last longer, and its more shinny.  Also when your getting it done you don’t need as much filing and you don’t have their is no smell to the gel. The only negative thing is when taking it off you have to file it down, and if you break a nail it’s hard to fix it yourself.

Acrylic nails are seen more than gel nails, but they have been around longer. Acrylics are either whole or partial, used over the entire nail or simply as tips. A mixture of liquid acrylic (monomer) and polymer, which is an acrylic powder, is applied to the nail and hardens quick.

How much does a UV Gel Permanent French Full Set cost?

Plainview, NY

New Bliss Nails 516-827-4200 $85

S-1 Nails 516-932-1212 $80

Coach Nail 516-827-0528 $80

Angel Tips 516-937-1188 $80 (as of 4/21 special you can get a free pedicure)

Fingers Faces & Toes 516-822-0700 $70.00

Patty Nails 516-349-5526 $70.00

Deer Park, NY

Fantastic Nails 631-586-6361 $90

My C Nails 631-243-3106 $80

New LI Pro Nails 631-667-6122 $65

North Babylon, NY

Floris Nail 631-586-2783 $85

JC Nails 631-586-2783 $75

Best Nails 631-893-3199 $70

Shabbath Nails 631-242-8478 $65

*Golden Nails 631-940-1951 $45

Farmingdale, NY

Pink Nails 516-293-8952 $90

Pretty Nails 5164548215 $75

Jane’s Nails 516-755-6245 $70

Shiny Nails 516-777-2268 $65

Angel Kiss Nail 631-756-4666 $65

West Islip, NY

Excellent Nails 631-422-6300 $65

Fashion Nails Tiffany 631-376-0971 $60

Satin Nails 631-422-9888 $60

Massapequa/ Amityville, NY

Nail 200 631-264-5718 $75

Nails by Lois 631-598-5702 $65

Exceptional Nails 631-598-1047 $65

*Helen Star Nail 631-789-1787 $55

*Rayn Seven Nail 631-842-8388 $55

*Tip Top Nail 516-541-8815 $55

Bay Shore, NY

New Babi 631-969-9074 $90

Angel Tips 631-206-0222 $80

**Signature Day Spa 631-968-7777 $50

Babylon, NY

Perfect 20 Corp. 631-893-0616 $75

Perfect Nail & Spa 631-893-1818 $75

Leon Nail Salon 631-422-1332 $65

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The Best Nail Polish Ever

I am so excited to share with you my experience at the nail salon. I go to the nail salon and get manicures on my natural nails. OPI, which is a brand of nail polish, the best brand if i may say, came out with a new polish. It is called the OPI soak off gel.  It is a high gloss UV gel manicure that can last 2 weeks. It comes in many different colors. The gel is painted on your nails and then you put your hands under the UV light for it to dry for only 3 minutes. They are so dry in just 3 minutes that the manicurist put lotion on my hands and even wiped the nail with some special type of water. Usually they do that before they polish your nails.  The nail gel makes your nails hard, and extra glossy.  The best part is that it last for two weeks. Normal manicures barely last 2 days.

How much does it cost?

Sun’s Nails on Deer Park Ave does it for $25.00

Normal manicures cost $7.00, but you have to go every week.  I think this is a good deal. $20 would have been my ideal price to pay, but I love it so much it’s worth the extra five bucks. I did hear that some nail salon’s are offering it for $20, but Sun’s Nails is a really amazing experience. Every time I go there I always leave with a smile. They are actually closing their location and moving to open two stores, Sun’s Spa and Sun’s nails. The stores are located in the same shopping center they are currently located in.  This just proves how well they are doing. I am excited to see there new store which should open up in the next month or so.

Is Saks Off 5th really a deal?

Saks Off 5th is a discount designer store but it is still expensive! Lets face it, if you want designer clothes you have to pay the price.  I’m one of those shoppers that wants nice clothes but refuses to pay top dollar.  An outlet mall just opened up on Long Island in Deer Park.  It’s just beatiful! It’s a secluded outdoor mall with a movie theatre, gym, reastaurants, candy shops, and all your favorite stores.  Last night I went to the moives with my boyfriend to see Alice in Wonderland in Imax 3D. It was very different than what  i expected.  It was almost as if i was seeing an entirely different  movie.  I really liked the movie but i didn’t love it.  Reason being  because it was predictable, and i like more of a mystery.  I enjoyed   the whole creepiness effect the movie had. My favorite part was the fight with the dragon, because my other favorite Disney movie is Sleeping Beauty, so I felt like i was watching a remake of that movie   too.  Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter definitely did the best in this   movie. I saw the movie in Imax 3D- and the special effects were  awesome so this is a movie you should see in the movie theaters   without a doubt. Make sure you stay for the commentary at the end and let me know if you see anything growing.

After the movies I had to do a little shopping so we went over to Saks Off 5th.  I was on the hunt for some new designer jeans, since the only pair i ever really owned were handed down to me.  I’m finally at the stage in my life where I’m not a size double zero and I can actually fit into things. You see being super skinny isn’t all that great, especially when it comes to finding  clothes.  So i found out that I love Joes jeans! Not only are they supper soft, I had no idea that Joe designed a jean for every body type out there. I really liked the honey booty fit, the skinny provocateur, and the cigarette straight and narrow- which is the one i ended up buying.  The price? Regularly they are 178.00, they were marked down to 99.00, and I saved an additional 25% with the “more” card, so i only spent 78.00!  I’m very excited to wear my new jeans.  It’s a hit or miss when shopping at Saks Off 5th. I wouldn’t go in their expecting a deal, but if your do find a deal it’s a steal.