What’s A GreenFest?

A place where everyone gets together and shares their green ideas and products. The GreenFest took place on Saturday July 24th and Sunday July 25th at The Strawberry Fields Fairgrounds on Route 48 in Mattituck, NY 11952.  The place was filled with a solar powered stage where a great band was playing. People were dancing and enjoying themselves. There was food being served and fresh lemonade, someone was actually squeezing the lemons right in front of you. Can’t get any fresher than that! It was perfect though because the weather was hot sticky and humid. It was almost 100 degrees out. There were about fifty or so exhibitors.  A lot of booths had clothes, jewelry, sunglasses and the usual. There were a lot of green companies like solar power, solar thermal, solar tools.  We talked to a bunch of booths.  We liked the solar company that was powering smoothies. We were particularly fond of the women who was having people sign a petition to have solar panels made in The United States, apposed to being made in China.  This will be a great thing because it would open up more jobs, and boost our economy.

Does anyone know of any green events going on on Long Island?

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The Hills vs The City

The Hills and The City were definitely my favorites on television. I can’t believe that they are over. I am so upset. I mean does any one else feel my pain? What can replace this show? Is this how it felt when Beverly Hills 90210 ended?  I feel like I know the people on this show. I think I am going to miss The City more. Which one will you miss more? Why am i going to miss The City more? I think I can identify with The City more because it is a show about work place drama rather than relationship drama.  I am interested in what goes on in the work place because I am at a point in my life where a career is ready to set in. What I want to do with the rest of my life is a question I have been rocking with recently. I am sure that many of you out there can relate to this dilemma.  What also got me excited was Whitney’s final moment in Washington Square park with Stacey is unbelievable. I mean just as her career is about to take off she’s going to make one of the toughest decisions ever.  Decisions decisions! Will she join Alison Brod and leave Kelly? I think that she should stay with Kelly. What do you think she will do?

13,000 Solar Panels!

13,000 Solar Panels! Wow that’s a lot of panels. Where are they putting all those solar panels? The South Brunswick Dow Jones campus, placed like canopies in the parking lot. Literally! Renewable energy is on its’ way now quicker than ever.  It is so great to see a large campus take advantage of the space it has and use it as a way to produce clean energy. I hope to see more campuses follow there lead.

New Jersey is one of the best places for solar. Why? Well one because NJ has some of the highest electricity rates, therefore the rebates are the largest.  They have a special incentive called SRECs, Solar Renewable Energy Credits.  What can you do with these credits? Well,  a home accrues 1 credit for every 1,000 kWh of solar energy produced, and each credit is currently worth around $600. A new solar energy system is eligible to produce SRECs for 15 years.  This  means that an average roof could earn over $75K by selling credits over that time period.

What states are eligible for SRECs?

North Carolina, Maryland, Massachusetts, Washington D.C., Ohio, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey.

In response to the multi million dollar solar project, the two senators  in New Jersey and others who spoke related this clean energy movement as a direct response  to the environmental disaster going on in the Gulf of Mexico. The nation’s thirst for foreign oil really needs to end, and it is really important for everyone to consider our future and where we are going to get our energy from.  Can we really keep getting our energy from oil?  Do we have enough? We already get 60% of our oil from foreign countries. Oil leads to increased prices in goods and services, pollution, and war.


Where do i get energy from?

Daniweb Networking Event

One of my favorite things to do is network.  What can be better than gathering with a bunch of strangers that all have the same thing in common?  Networking provides opportunity for career development because you have the chance to meet new people that are usually in the same field as you.  If you’re fearful about networking I have some tips for you to prepare because living life in fear is not really living at all.

1) Do your homework. Most of the time the networking event will contain an agenda, which you may find on their website. Read this as a way to prepare.
2) Dress how you want to be treated.
3) Ask questions, people love to talk about themselves.
4) Bring business cards and maybe even a resume.
5) Read the newspaper the day of because current events are a good way to break the ice.
6) Bring gum, mints, and floss.

Well for all you computer geeks out there, your gonna want to continue reading about the event I attended last night.  You would have enjoyed last nights networking event. Last night I went to a networking event hosted by Daniweb. What is Daniweb? It’s a discussion board about computer programming. The event was in NYC and due to the awful rain we had last night, it took us 2 ½ hours from LI to get there. The drive was definitely worth it though. When I got there Dani, the host, gave us the warmest welcome ever, and the night just got better from that moment on.
It was set up like this. There were ten tables with about ten people at each one, and they were all labeled by different topics. Some of the topics included Internet Marketing, Software Programming, and Rich Media. We were late so we just found any three empty seats and sat in them. We also had already missed the appetizer, but we made it in time for dinner, thank goodness because I was starving. We met some really cool people and exchanged ideas, and information. There was a free raffle going on and they were giving away prizes every half hour, that was a good trick to get people to stay longer. The ipad that they were raffling away was something that made me want to stay all night, but I had to leave at eleven because I had work in the morning. Boo.
The event really inspired me. I met some really interesting folks, ate free food, got a free t-shirt courtesy of daniweb, and even I even danced. This was def a legit networking party and I hope Dani throws another one soon.

Solar Powered Billboards

Yes, finally the most lit up place in the world is finally making changes and going green.  All those lights look fabulous in NYC but they are also causing a very expensive electric bill, and they are polluting the earth.

Ricoh Americas Corporation is the first company ever to launch a 100% solar and wind powered billboard in Times Square NYC. It is located right on the corner of 7th avenue and 42nd St.  A special ceremony to celebrate the Eco Board will take place June 8, 2010 in NYC Time Square.

How? It is powered by 62 solar panels and 24 thin-film PV solar modules, and illuminated by 16 LED floodlights. The Ricoh Eco Board is 47 feet high by 126 feet long.

What does Ricoh do? They are a provider of digital office equipment and advanced document management solutions and services.

What’s new at sunglass hut?

914_sunglass_hut_cabazon_imgI was so pleased with the service I received at the Bay Shore mall at Sunglass Hut. The lady showed me a number of different pairs of sunglasses.  I found a pair that I liked but they were too big. She told me that she could have them adjusted to fit my face. I said if they are going to fit me then I am def going to buy them, so how long would I have to wait until they were fixed? She said a few minutes; I can do it right now. I was so shocked, considering this was a tiny little booth in the middle of the mall. You are not going to believe how she adjusted my sunglasses to make them fit my face.  She took a tiny machine and heated my glasses up to curve them to go around my ear. We did it little by little until she got it to fit me just right. She said that if I tend to wear them on my head, which I do, they may bend back. She said if that happens she would be happy to adjust them again, and she said I could go to Lens Crafter and they would fix it for me at no cost. Why would she send me to Lens Crafter? Because Lens Crafter and Sunglass Hut are sister companies. The other cool thing about Sunglass Hut is there return policy. You have up to 90 days to return your sunglasses, and they will give you a full refund.  If you break your sunglasses they will replace them for you at half the price.  That’s what I call great service. And I almost forgot to tell you, if you have AAA then you can save 10%. So what are you waiting for, go get a pair of designer sunglasses and look fabulous this summer.

How to marinate london broil

Who’s hungry? I have been on a mission to learn how to cook.  I tried grilling London broil the other night and it turned out so good i had to share it with you.  All i did was marinate the steak for a half hour in Lawrys signature steakhouse marinade. Then I grilled it for about five minutes on each side.  (it was about 2lbs) I like it medium rare, so I really tried to not overcook it and I am so proud of myself for not doing that. It turned out so juicy, not tough, just mouth watering delicious. Then to go with it I made mushrooms marinated in butter and Worcestershire sauce and butter. So simple yet so good! For a vegetable I steamed spinach.  I bought a package of spinach leaves from the produce isle. I then took half the bag of spinach and put it in a big pot, cooked it for about one minute. Add about a teaspoon of water but that’s it because the spinach naturally produces water when it’s cooked. Then I put it in a steamer and let it steam for about a minute and then it was ready. It was a nice flavor to have next to the mushrooms and steak. It was fresh, and healthy tasting. The perfect touch to my fabulous dinner for two. I didn’t even know I had it in me. I really enjoy cooking on the grill because the flavor the grill gives is so good. I am going to try cooking all different things this summer. I’ll be sharing them with you, the successes and the not so successful ones. So come check back here for the latest recipes, and please share some of yours I need help with some more ideas. Thanks.

HUGE Business Trade Show in Hauppauge, LI

What: The  HIA (Hauppauge Industrial Association) is hosting the 22nd Annual Long Island Business Trade Show and Conference

When: Thursday, May 27, 2010, 9:00am-4:00PM

Where: Suffolk Community College’s Sports and Exhibition Center. (Take the LIE to exit 53)

Cost: FREE if your register before May 25th at  hia-li.org/tradeshow2010 If you don’t register than its only $10.

WHY GO? This is a great opportunity to network with Long Island businesses and meet new customers and prospects. Plus, they will be focusing on Green Jobs!

What is the town of Brookhaven doing to go green?

Green Homes and go Solar energy efficiency programs have emerged. Your town could be next!

The town of Brookhaven will help Brookhaven single family home owners go green. The Federal stimulus funds/ energy efficient community block grants will fund the green homes program. This means they will be paying for the installation of solar PV.  By doing this the up front costs of solar will be eliminated. This is great considering the main barrier between homeowners who want to go green and solar power is the financing.

Now, not all homeowners will be able to take advantage as the program does have some limitations. Some of the restrictions include submitting a $25 application, a home energy audit must have been completed within the last 3 yrs. and if not they must get one and that will cost about $200, the age of your roof cannot be greater than 10yrs old, your roof must be able to sustain PV panels, and you own a single- family home.

The program will run from May 3- June 4, 2010. You must submit your application by mail.

Sorry but, Brookhaven Town employees and relatives are not eligible.  Residents of the town of Brookhaven only!

for more information visit www.brookhaven.org