Big Changes

It’s funny how life can present a series of events that can alter your life. Life is what you make of it, and I can honestly say that I am going to make the most of it, because that’s what makes me happy. There is a big amount of change going on in my life right now. I just broke up with my boyfriend of two years, I am moving out of his apartment and moving into my own place. I also just dyed my hair back to blonde. It’s always good to change your look after a long relationship. It symbolizes a time for change, a new beginning, a new me. I feel like I am just discovering myself for the first time. I am finally figuring out what I like, what I want to do, and who I want to do it with. I don’t have to answer to anyone, and nobody will be watching over me. Who knew that freedom could feel this good. Along with this new sense of freedom comes a lot of responsibility. I’m up for the challenge though, I embrace it with courage. I’m so sick of living in fear, and today I chose to like in faith. I know that everything is going to be okay. One of the secrets to happiness is to just be yourself. By being yourself you allow others to be themselves with you. What a beautiful feeling.

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