The White House Goes Green

The White House is going to put solar panels on their roof again, but this time to stay! In 1979 President Jimmy Carter installed 32 solar panels on the White House roof which were used to heat the White House’s water. It was six years after the OPEC oil embargo, a time when solar power was ascending in the U.S.  However they were removed in 1986 by President Ronald Reagan.  Putting the solar panels back on is a very symbolic move and urges us to rethink how we create energy in America. They are going to put both thermal for hot water and PV for electricity on the roof of the White House. This shows that President Obama is committed to our country becoming a leader in the solar energy field and creating jobs in the renewable energy industry.  When will the project on the White House be completed? They’re estimated completion date is spring 2011.

We have more great news for America! There’s an article in the NY Times that tells us another great thing reflecting the Obama administration’s resolve to promote renewable energy, they just approved a 709-megawatt project, on 6,360 acres in the Imperial Valley. This project is proposed by Tessera Solar, and they will use “Suncatchers” or reflectors in the shape of radar dishes to concentrate the solar energy and activate a four-cylinder engine to generate electricity. And if your not totally blown away by that project, I have one more for you. Chevron Energy Solutions proposed A 45-megawatt system featuring 40,500 solar panels and it will be built on 422 acres of the Lucerne Valley. Together these projects could generate enough energy to power over 500,000 homes. These are only a couple of the many projects that are being worked on to change the way we get our energy.  We can officially say we have taken the biggest step so far in leading our country to a clean energy economy.

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