Cake & Shake

I went to Washington Square Park in NYC this weekend.  It was beatiful, people were playing chess games,  piano, guitar, and they were even in bathing suites sunbathing.  I guess that’s what you have to do in NYC because there aren’t really any beaches like on Long Island.  Also, what was really cool was that since it was so hot out, people were using the water fountain as a pool.  I thought that was really cool to watch, and i wanted to go in but i didn’t, next time.  As i was leaving the park i saw this thing that resembled an ice cream truck but it wasn’t it was called Cake & Shake. Cake & Shake is a new neat little invention that i had to share with all of you.  You can get an ice coffee or an ice tea for just $2, a shake for $5 which come in unique cool flavors.  It was so hard for me to make a decision as to what flavor to try because they all looked equally enticing. I ended up making a great decision, the huckleberry which is blueberry and it’s delicious. Cake & Shake offers 20 Cupcake flavors and 8 Shake flavors!  They  feature 5 Cupcakes and 3 Shakes daily which rotate often on our carts.   They first opened in June of this year and they are doing so well that they are going to open up there second location at the MET on September 2, 2010, and at the MET Cart,  they will offer 2 Savory Cake options per day.  You have to check this place out next time your in Washington Square Park or at the MET.  For now take a look at there menu and imagine the how yummy there cupcakes taste and how refreshing their milkshakes are. Did i mention there organic too! It’s awesome. Goodbye ice cream man, hello Cake & Shake !!

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