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One of my favorite things to do is network.  What can be better than gathering with a bunch of strangers that all have the same thing in common?  Networking provides opportunity for career development because you have the chance to meet new people that are usually in the same field as you.  If you’re fearful about networking I have some tips for you to prepare because living life in fear is not really living at all.

1) Do your homework. Most of the time the networking event will contain an agenda, which you may find on their website. Read this as a way to prepare.
2) Dress how you want to be treated.
3) Ask questions, people love to talk about themselves.
4) Bring business cards and maybe even a resume.
5) Read the newspaper the day of because current events are a good way to break the ice.
6) Bring gum, mints, and floss.

Well for all you computer geeks out there, your gonna want to continue reading about the event I attended last night.  You would have enjoyed last nights networking event. Last night I went to a networking event hosted by Daniweb. What is Daniweb? It’s a discussion board about computer programming. The event was in NYC and due to the awful rain we had last night, it took us 2 ½ hours from LI to get there. The drive was definitely worth it though. When I got there Dani, the host, gave us the warmest welcome ever, and the night just got better from that moment on.
It was set up like this. There were ten tables with about ten people at each one, and they were all labeled by different topics. Some of the topics included Internet Marketing, Software Programming, and Rich Media. We were late so we just found any three empty seats and sat in them. We also had already missed the appetizer, but we made it in time for dinner, thank goodness because I was starving. We met some really cool people and exchanged ideas, and information. There was a free raffle going on and they were giving away prizes every half hour, that was a good trick to get people to stay longer. The ipad that they were raffling away was something that made me want to stay all night, but I had to leave at eleven because I had work in the morning. Boo.
The event really inspired me. I met some really interesting folks, ate free food, got a free t-shirt courtesy of daniweb, and even I even danced. This was def a legit networking party and I hope Dani throws another one soon.

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