How much does it cost to get your nails done?

I  was interested in getting nails put on, specifically the UV Gel Permanent French. It’s very expensive compared to the regular powder acrylic nails. I am a the type of girl that likes to get the best deal so I had to call every nail salon in my surrounding area to find the best price. I listed the results so that you can get the best deal too.

UV Gel Nails vs Acrylic Nails?

UV Gel Nails-They put the tip on and they take gel and paint it on your nails, and it strengthens, last longer, and its more shinny.  Also when your getting it done you don’t need as much filing and you don’t have their is no smell to the gel. The only negative thing is when taking it off you have to file it down, and if you break a nail it’s hard to fix it yourself.

Acrylic nails are seen more than gel nails, but they have been around longer. Acrylics are either whole or partial, used over the entire nail or simply as tips. A mixture of liquid acrylic (monomer) and polymer, which is an acrylic powder, is applied to the nail and hardens quick.

How much does a UV Gel Permanent French Full Set cost?

Plainview, NY

New Bliss Nails 516-827-4200 $85

S-1 Nails 516-932-1212 $80

Coach Nail 516-827-0528 $80

Angel Tips 516-937-1188 $80 (as of 4/21 special you can get a free pedicure)

Fingers Faces & Toes 516-822-0700 $70.00

Patty Nails 516-349-5526 $70.00

Deer Park, NY

Fantastic Nails 631-586-6361 $90

My C Nails 631-243-3106 $80

New LI Pro Nails 631-667-6122 $65

North Babylon, NY

Floris Nail 631-586-2783 $85

JC Nails 631-586-2783 $75

Best Nails 631-893-3199 $70

Shabbath Nails 631-242-8478 $65

*Golden Nails 631-940-1951 $45

Farmingdale, NY

Pink Nails 516-293-8952 $90

Pretty Nails 5164548215 $75

Jane’s Nails 516-755-6245 $70

Shiny Nails 516-777-2268 $65

Angel Kiss Nail 631-756-4666 $65

West Islip, NY

Excellent Nails 631-422-6300 $65

Fashion Nails Tiffany 631-376-0971 $60

Satin Nails 631-422-9888 $60

Massapequa/ Amityville, NY

Nail 200 631-264-5718 $75

Nails by Lois 631-598-5702 $65

Exceptional Nails 631-598-1047 $65

*Helen Star Nail 631-789-1787 $55

*Rayn Seven Nail 631-842-8388 $55

*Tip Top Nail 516-541-8815 $55

Bay Shore, NY

New Babi 631-969-9074 $90

Angel Tips 631-206-0222 $80

**Signature Day Spa 631-968-7777 $50

Babylon, NY

Perfect 20 Corp. 631-893-0616 $75

Perfect Nail & Spa 631-893-1818 $75

Leon Nail Salon 631-422-1332 $65

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